Fitoterapia: cos'è e a cosa serve
What is Phytotherapy? Phytotherapy is understood as the branch of pharmacotherapy which deals with preventing and treating various disorders and diseases through the use of medical plants and preparations obtained from them. Shutterstock The term derives from the Greek φυτον (plant) and θεραπευω (curo),...
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Proprietà e benefici della linfa di betulla nell’alimentazione
Birch sap is a precious ally in weight loss programs thanks to its detoxifying, diuretic and draining properties. It has been known for centuries in Northern Europe, Scandinavia, as well as Eastern Europe and Russia, and even in some areas of Northern China. It is above all a classic product in the Nordic countries. However, […]
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Cause di ritenzione idrica nel corpo
Knowing the causes of water retention in the body is essential because it also allows you to identify the solutions to use to deal with this problem. Let's see together the causes of water retention in the body such as an incorrect diet, sedentarism, hormonal disorders and more which we will delve into here. Causes of edema Fluid retention, […]
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